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Cacao is a medicinal plant that nourishes heart, body & spirit. Our Cacao grows naturally in the Peruvian Amazon of Chazuta.  My family is the guardian and protector of this forest. 

The jungle in Chazuta is full of life, native trees, animals, fruits, waterfalls, rivers, medicinal plants, fruits. You can fell all that magic in this Cacao. It is an honor to have this Cacao in our family and to offer it to your family. We work to restore the true value of Cacao as a medicinal plant that has traditionally been used in ceremonies.

Strong and soft, wild and full of love, this cacao helps you to open your heart.

You can buy our Cacao for retreats, ceremonies or to give yourself a gift of loveCacao shop here

My name is Rosy.
I am here to bring you my music, ceremonies, cacao, and workshops to help you expand your vision and connection to the earth. 

I was born in Peru, in a weaving of sea, andes and jungle. It is a pleasure to meet you. 

Where Cacao grows, life grows. 
When we share cacao,
bridges and connections of the heart are opened.

“Meeting Rosy has filled my heart with deep gratitude for my connection to the land of South America. Especially the Andes and the jungle of Peru. Their flavors & music and the profound connection to the Earth and every living being.
A strong reminder that our journeys are somehow written from a place deep beyond ourselves”

Regina Roeder

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Deep inside me
the mystery of life,
my heart

Kike Pinto & Rosy at the River Sihl, Zürich. 
Photo by: Regina Roeder