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Honoring the Earth

Rosy Kantu is a Peruvian artist, guided by the traditions of the Andes and her ancestors.
She shares Cacao ceremonies and concerts. Rosy's family grows Cacao in Chazuta, Amazonia, Peru.

The Andes and the Amazon are her inspiration for her music and arts.

She brings Cacao to Switzerland and Germany.

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Our Cacao grows in the Peruvian Amazon of Chazuta

We love the jungle and the wild force of nature inside Cacao.

Our family is the guardian and protector of this Cacao forest, direct from my family to yours.

Cacao nourishes heart, body and spirit.  

We are bringing a new Cacao stock.
You can pre-order your Cacao now and receive it around

28. 2. 2024

Our Cacao is grown and produced ethically with love
by our Family in Chazuta, Peru

We are a family working to bring you
the best and high quality Ceremonial Cacao to Europe

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Cacao flower

When we share Cacao, deep heart connections are open 
Honoring the altar of the Heart

The Song of the Earth 

Find the colors of your voice, connect with Cacao wisdom
Earth, voice and creativity.

Ceremonial Cacao
Medicine music & Voice

Shared by Rosy Jungbluth
4 sessions online at your time. 

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Ceremony at the River Sihl, Zürich. Maite & Rosy. 
Photo by Regina Roeder

Heart opening, clarity, beauty


Meeting Rosy has filled my heart with deep gratitude for my connection to the land of South America. Especially the Andes and the jungle of Peru, their flavors, music and the profound connection to the Earth and every living being. ”

I want to share that this cacao is really special to me, both from its energy and its taste. I enjoy drinking it with nothing but water and a little cayenne and vanilla, which is not the case for most cacaos I tried.  And the heart opening, clarity, beauty that emerges is really deep.  Thank you!”  

The Cacao ceremonies with Rosy were incredibly healing, inspiring and very heart-opening. I don't have the words to fairly describe this experience of love. With Rosy's vibe it is a different world from previous Cacao ceremonies, you feel and sense in every cell that Rosy is from Peru and even the Cacao is from her family straight from the deep jungle, the whole ceremony is full of love and her voice touches every cell. This Cacao ceremony softens and opens your heart, this is true transformation and healing. It is only since the ceremonies with Rosy that I have recognised Cacao as sacred. My whole family thanks you dear Rosy” 

Many photos of this website
are made by
Regina Roeder