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Rosy was born and raised in Peru.
Her family grows organic Cacao in Chazuta, Peru. From them she learned all about Cacao and the magic of the rainforest.

She has a strong connection with the Andes and the Amazonas, from which she bases the inspiration for her work and her continue interest in studying plants and forest life.

Rosy has been guided by the medicine of Cacao since the last 7 years. She is an artist, medicine woman, facilitator of Cacao ceremonies, music circles, workshops and she is the founder of Amada Selva.  

In her work, she open reflections, share experiences and explores myths through art. She experiment with different art technics: Color, pigment, earth, voice and movement. 

“My sharings are based on human connection, rituals & Medicinal plants. Art & Cacao are my allies for creating sacred spaces, where people can find beauty, clarity, confidence to express in trust and support.

In the Andean wisdom of my ancestors the word Ayllu means community and family. All the neighbours are part of one big family and support each other in different works, in the cultivation of the fields, harvests, care of the earth, rites and festivities. They are aware that the land is for everyone and if we all have good earth we can live in a better place. I believe in Ayllu, that we are part of on big family”


Rosy lived in The Sacred Valley of The Incas, at the Peruvian Andes where she was part of ceremonies that connected her deeply to the Apus: The sacred mountains and Pachamama, they are the soil for her work.

Since 2017 she is based in Switzerland.


☼ Cacao Ceremonies
☼ Ritual drum and music medicine
☼ Singing as medicine, discover your voice workshops
☼ Ritual painting, art as your oracle
☼ Expressive arts and movement
☼ Guided meditations
☼ Women's circles
☼ Creative accompaniment for the creation of projects

About my path
・Formation as a Doula: Natural Childbirth, Pregnancy Accompaniment & Medicinal plants (90h. of studies, Cuzco, Peru 2016) Teacher: Leonie Lange.
・Karpay, Andean Initiation with Benito Apasa and Maria Apasa from Quero Nation, Cuzco.
・Reiki Initiation. Level I the awakening.
・Meditation of the Roses course and practice. Amalai, Cuzco, Peru. 
・Yoga and Meditation with the Dzogchen Buddhism in Lima, Peru.
・Ayurveda Courses.
・Illustration studies at the Cathedra Roldán. University of Buenos Aires UBA Argentina.
・Visual Arts studies at the National University of Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
・Degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design at Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Peru.
・Photography studies in Orval, Lima, Peru.

Dance studies
Contemporary dance with Mirella Carbone at “Pata de Cabra” and Jose Ruiz Subauste in “Terpsícore”, Lima, Peru. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, I took contemporary dance classes with Andrés Molina. In Zürich my teachers are Muriel Jeanne Mollet, Laura Vogel and Ulli Wittemann.


Our Cacao is planted, harvested, fermented, dried and milled using delicate methods with love by the Family Casa Qoya Peru.

By supporting us you are supporting the organic production of Cacao in Amazonas and the conscience of respect for the earth, 100% ethical and sustainable.

Our high quality organic Cacao keeps all its magical and healing properties inside, it is direct from bean to Cacao block.

We are a small enterprise working to bring you the best and high quality Cacao.