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Rosy is an artist, painter, singer, devoted to nature. Facilitator of Ceremonies, Music circles, concerts and workshops. She was born and raised in Peru.

Her family grows Cacao in the wild jungle of Chazuta, Peru. From them she learned all about Cacao and the magic of the Rainforest. She is connected with the Andes and the Amazonas, from there she has the inspiration for her Music & Arts.

Rosy has a deep connection with the native cultures of Peru, she investigates ancestral techniques of weaving, painting, singing as a sacred connection with the earth. Rosy also guides people to develop a relationship with plants and Cacao.

・Cacao Ceremonies
・Ritual drum and medicine music
・Singing as medicine
・Women's circles
・Ritual painting
・Expressive arts and movement
・Guided meditations

“My sharings are based on human connection, rituals & medicinal plants. 
In the Andean wisdom of my ancestors the word Ayllu means community and family.
All the people support each other in different works, in the cultivation of the fields, harvests, care of the earth, rites and festivities. They are aware that the land is for everyone and if we all have good earth we can live in a better place. Working with love for Pachamama, Mother earth.
I believe in Ayllu, that we are part of one big family



Our Cacao is worked with love by my Family Casa Qoya Peru. By supporting us you support the sustainable production of Cacao in Amazonas, the conscience of respect for the earth, the protection of native communities and their ancestral knowledge.

Our high quality Cacao is direct from seed to block.
We are a small family working to bring you the best and high quality Cacao.

Amada Selva has a base in Switzerland and Germany. We ship all over Europe.


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“The Earth is alive, she is our mother, if she did not exist neither would we”
The Wisdom of the Four Winds