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I am Rosy and I love to share the medicine of Cacao.

I share ceremonies and music circles around the world. I am available to bring you Cacao and help you to discover this medicine, that you can use in ceremonies, retreats and selflove practice. 

I also host private workshops, gatherings and cacao ceremonies. 
Send me a email: rosyjs@gmail.com

You can book an online session with me here.

With love


Cacao Ceremony online 1 : 1

Via Zoom or Google meet

⦿ Presentation and history of Cacao
⦿ Properties of Cacao
⦿ Why Cacao is a heart medicine and how it works
⦿ How Cacao helps in the practice of healing

⦿ Guided Meditation
⦿ Breathing exercises

⦿ Medicine song and meaning of the songs 

⦿ How to build an altar for prayers

⦿ How to integrate Cacao into your daily healing practice?

⦿ Integrative sharing and questions

1 x 1h = 100 ch
4 x 1h = 390 chf