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Photography: Michela Di savino

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is a fruit that nourishes our bones, tissues, blood, heart, whole body and spirit.

Being part of a Cacao Ceremony as a couple or in a group creates a new way of communication: honesty, truth, innocence, trust and pureness.
It is a sacred space where we give thanks to mother earth for giving us life and we pray for peace, health and happiness.

Cacao supports us to continue our path with love and strength. It connects us with mother nature, beauty, sensuality and the senses.

We sing to the stars, to the mountains, to the sun and the moon, to the fire, water and the elements, to great spirit.

Close your eyes. Observe your breath, touch your heart, thank your whole being, you are ready to embody gratitude.

Cacao Ceremony is a ritual space where we share the language of our heart with Medicine songs.

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all” Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Cacao Ceremony with Steph at Katzen house Switzerland

Karpay with Benito & Maria. Cuzco, Peru.  Oct. 2015


“The Cacao ceremonies with Rosy were incredibly healing, inspiring and very heart-opening. I don't have the words to fairly describe this experience of love. With Rosy's vibe it is a different world from previous Cacao ceremonies, you feel and sense in every cell that Rosy is from Peru and even the Cacao is from her family straight from the deep jungle and the whole setting is full of love and her voice touches opens every cell. This Cacao ceremony softens and opens your heart, this is true transformation and healing.

It is only since the ceremonies with Rosy that I have recognised Cacao as sacred.

My whole family thanks you dear Rosy”

Raphael G.


“Die Cacao-Zeremonien mit Rosy waren unglaublich heilsam, inspirierend und sehr Herzöffnend. Es fehlen mir die Worte um diese Liebes-Erfahrung gerecht wiederzugeben.

Mit Rosy's-Vibe ist es eine andere Welt, als bisherige Cacao Zeremonien...man fühlt und spürt in jeder Zelle, dass Rosy aus Peru ist und sogar der Cacao ist von Ihrer Familie direkt aus dem tiefen Jungel und das ganze Setting ist voller Liebe und Ihrer Stimme berührt öffnet jede Zelle. Diese Cacao-Zeremonie weicht und öffnet dein Herz, das ist wahre Transformation und Heilung.

Erst seit den Zeremonien mit Rosy habe ich Cacao als heilige Medicine erkannt.
Meine ganze Familie dankt Dir Liebe Rosy”

Raphael G.


Cacao & Art

My mission is to share art, to open hearts through Cacao and facilitate the entry into the creative world.
Contact me if you have questions or requests:  rosyjs@gmail.com

I share Cacao Ceremonies and teach how to prepare Cacao, for groups of 3 people or more.
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You can buy here Cacao Ceremonial and prepare it at home.

My family prepares this Cacao with lots of love for you ♥︎