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Heart opening, clarity, beauty


“Working with Rosy has been a joy!
'The song of the Earth” was an inspiring journey into the vibrant history of Cacao and the Mesoamerican civilisations that cultivated it.  Through Rosy's teachings, I gained a deep understanding of the significance of Cacao and the art of sharing its essence. Rosy guides with genuine care and expertise.
'The song of the Earth” inspired my creativity and gave me the confidence to craft my unique path in guiding others through Cacao journeys.”

Meeting Rosy has filled my heart with deep gratitude for my connection to the land of South America. Especially the Andes and the jungle of Peru, their flavors, music
and the profound connection to the Earth and every living being. ”

I want to share that this cacao is really special to me, both from its energy and its taste. I enjoy drinking it with nothing but water and a little cayenne and vanilla, which is not the case for most cacaos I tried.
And the heart opening, clarity, beauty that emerges is really deep. Thank you!”  
Christian Marti

Still carrying this magic ceremony deep down in my heart, feeling the energy of it with every cell of my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a wholesome experience! ”
Katie Kate

This Cacao connected us really on a warming heart level.
My friend and I just sat together and share loving energy and deep talks. It was a beautiful “connector”. This Cacao had a really strong bonding enery.
It create a bubble of stillness, peace and love around us.
A beautiful experience”
Sara. L

The Cacao ceremonies with Rosy were incredibly healing, inspiring and very heart-opening. I don't have the words to fairly describe this experience of love.
With Rosy's vibe it is a different world from previous Cacao ceremonies, you feel and sense in every cell that Rosy is from Peru and even the Cacao is from her family straight from the deep jungle, the whole ceremony is full of love and her voice touches every cell. This Cacao ceremony softens and opens your heart, this is true transformation and healing. It is only since the ceremonies with Rosy that I have recognised Cacao as sacred. My whole family thanks you dear Rosy”
Raphael G.

Rosy and Lisa have been creating a very cozy and heartwarming space. I loved the way they explained about the ceremony, the Cacao (cultivated from Rosys family-farm) and how they guided us through the whole ceremony. The ceremony-opening-prayer, hold by Rosy, was very beautiful. She leaded us into the Peruvian jungle and to the seeds of Mama Cacao.
When Rosy and Lisa startet so sing, it felt like we are entering a boat and sealing together to another sphere. Singing, celebrating life and praying all together sitting and dancing in a circle, so beautiful.
I wish Rosy and Lisa many more Cacao ceremonies to realize again in Switzerland and around the world.