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About buying Cacao
If the Cacao breaks or melts a little in the summer time with shipping, there is no problem, Keep your beloved Cacao in a cool, dry place and it can last up to one year! Refrigeration is not required.

Color and pattern variation is natural for pure cacao, each package of Cacao has different tones because it is Organic and unique. 
- Returns or Cacao exchanges are not accepted. We are a small enterprise working to bring you always the best and high quality.

We ship on wednesdays. Your package will arrive in 2 to 4 working days.

- If any of our events have to be postponed we will let you know the new date and time. 
- If we (amadaselva) have to cancel an event, then we will refund you.
- If you have already purchased a ticket and cannot attend our event, please donate the ticket to a friend or family and let us know. In this case refund is not possible. 

Our events are small and we need the help of attendees to make them happen.

Thank you