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1st september 2022
Cacao Ceremony & Music circle
With Rosy Jungbluth & Lisa Barmettler

We will gather to share Ceremonial Cacao in circle, to go deep inside and share medicine music that comes from Peru, Brazil, south america and our heart.

This sharing is to reconnect with our essence helped by Cacao. A ceremony where your soul & heart expands and life flourishes.

Cacao is a ritual plant used ancestrally in Peru and Mesoamerica to connect with nature, with our inner world, gratitude, love and with our creative force.

❊ Ceremonial Cacao from Peru
❊ Guided Meditation
❊ Medicine songs with Ceremonial Drum
❊ Breathing exercises
❊ Integrative sharing

Reserve a place. Places are limited

Contribution 60chf

Thank you very much to all! we are fully booked.

Includes: The ceremony and Ceremonial Cacao from Peru
Language: English

Time: 7 to 9pm. You can arrive 10 mint before.

Suggestions for the ceremony:

  • Please bring your own cushion or blanket for more comfort.
  • During & after ceremony drink plenty of water. Please bring your own water bottle.
  • We recommend not to drink alcohol or coffee before and after the ceremony.
  • Take only a light dinner before the ceremony.
  • Cacao is not recommended when taking antidepressants. 


Elevate Studio
Wyssgasse 2, 8004 Zurich, 1st floor

Thank you very much to all! we are fully booked.