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Ritual drum, breath and voice
Workshop by Rosy Jungbluth

At Elevate Studio Zürich
16 to 18h

You will learn how to create circles to sing with your friends and music rituals for yourself.
How to create spaces to play, connect with your voice, the cosmos, the internal and external movements.
How to connect with your drum, with the rhythm and develop a personal practice.

Singing is our medicine, a practice to remember that we are the earth.

I have learned these songs in ceremonies with teacher plants, in offering ceremonies, in my path lived in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, in Temazcales and in the Moon Dance. They were created to connect with the heart of the world, the earth, the ancestors, our strength and our heart.

•◇• Opening ceremony
•◇• Ceremonial Cacao from Peru
•◇• Meditation, breathing exercices
•◇• Body earth connection
•◇• Movement, embodiment and voice. Unity
•◇• Voice is movement and color, voice is breathing. Singing to open channels to the universe.
•◇• Drum, beat of the earth, beat of the heart.
•◇• Drawing ritual
•◇• Closing the circle
•◇• Snack

Bring: your drum or rattle, comfortable clothing, and a bottle of water.
Level: No previous experience is required.
Language: Songs in English and Spanish 

Price: workshop 60 chf / 80chf
Limited places, please reserve a spot by Twint: +41 77 464 7112

Direct purchase:

Welcome to the circle,
Happy to see you and to share!


Elevate Studio 
Wyssgasse 2, 8004 Zürich

☀︎ Very close to Selnau / Wiedikon train station


Photos: @regina_roeder