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4th May 2023

⫷ Returning Home ⫸

Cacao Ceremony & Singing circle

With Rosy Jungbluth & Aquario

We will share in circle songs that we have been creating together and songs from Aquario's new album. 
Music to return home, return to your heart and to the heart of mother earth.

A Cacao Ceremony where your Heart and Soul expands and life flourishes.

Aquario is a world music artist creating mystical soundscapes & medicine songs.
Rosy is a peruvian artist in connection with the Andes and Amazonas, the inspiration for her music & paintings. 

Cacao is a ritual plant used ancestrally in Peru and Mesoamerica to connect with nature, the essence, gratitude, love and the creative force. We will share Amada Selva, Cacao from the jungle of Peru. 

Listen to Aquario's latest album here:

♡ Come together and join the circle ♡
Reserve a place here  (Places are limited )

Contribution: 50  /  60chf
Includes: The ceremony and Ceremonial Cacao Amada Selva

Time: 7 to 9pm
Please arrive 10 mint before

Address Elevate Studio:
Wyssgasse 2, 8004 Zurich, 1st floor

Suggestions for the ceremony:

  • Bring your own water bottle, during and after ceremony drink plenty of water.
  • We recommend not to drink alcohol or coffee before and after the ceremony.
  • Cacao is not recommended when taking antidepressants.


♡ At the end of the ceremony it is also possible to buy Aquario’s latest album and Ceremonial Cacao, please ask us ♡