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Payment options 

SEPA (Inside Europe there is no comission fee)

Bank Account

Rosy Jungbluth 
Postcode: 8038
City: Zürich

CH62 0070 0114 8020 1863 9


Bank account n. 1148-2018.639


Payments by Paypal:

mail: rosyjs@gmail.com

Include the order, name, adddress and email. Please be sure to include 5% extra comission from Paypal. Thanks!


TWINT: +41  77 464 7112
Please send me an email if you send a Bank transfer to: rosyjs@gmail.com

If I have to send you Cacao by Post,
please be sure to add the shipping cost to the payment,
depending on the weight of the order:

I will be happy to send your order!
Many thanks! 

Muchas gracias!