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Dear family,

We are so happy to share on 13.9 in Zürich a Cacao Ceremony and concert.
Lisa and Rosy have traveled together between Guatemala and Peru in ceremonies that inspire their songs and music. Lisa comes to Switzerland after a long trip through Brazil, collecting songs inspired by the gods of the forest, the sea, the water.

It is very beautiful to open a space together ❤️ It is a great joy to share the music we have been weaving together, and share the Peruvian Cacao that my family grows.

❊  Cacao is the blood of the earth, the heartbeat of the earth, that connects us to our body and soul, the food of the gods ❊ 

Come sing, vibrate and dance with us!

Wednesday 13th September
7 to 10pm
Doors open: 6:30pm

The Ceremony will be in a family house in Küsnacht, a few steps from the lake of Zürich.
We will send the address details by mail once you do the payment, thanks ❤️

With Love

Rosy & Lisa


  • Bring your own water bottle, during and after ceremony drink plenty of water.
  • Bring your own favorite cushion to sit more confortable.
  • We recommend not to drink alcohol or coffee before and after the ceremony.
  • Cacao is not recommended when taking antidepressants.


History of Cacao

Cacao traces have been found in vessels in various Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec temples. Some researchers believe that Cacao was used ceremonially before the Olmecs of Central America (before 1700 BC).
The Aztecs and Mayans consider Cacao as the Goddess of fertility. Cacao was mainly used by royal families in these traditions to perform various rituals (fertility, rain rituals, ancestral connection)

Birthplace of Cacao

Peru has the highest genetic biodiversity of Cacao in the world. The scientist E. Cheesman theorized that the Cacao tree was native to the upper Amazon region of South America.

The world's oldest Cacao is found in the border of Peru and Ecuador. A spiral temple was discovered in Montegrande (Peru) and another in Palanda (Ecuador). The temples that has a shape of a coiled serpent. This temples dates 3,000 BC and demonstrates that cacao was used for ritual and ceremonial purposes in ancient Peru before the Incas.