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Dear CommUnity

Once more we open the space to explore and dive deep within the beautiful medicine of mama cacao and medicinal chants from all around the world.

The Cacao is coming directly from the abundant farm of rosy's family of the Peruvian Amazon in Chazuta. During the guided cacao ceremony we will create a sacred healing space to connect to our prayers and intentions.

The chanting of medicine songs accompanied with different instruments will help us to meditate and connect deeper to this inner heart space and support us to open our voices together. To reconnect to our core, to remember our essence. Where there's no right or wrong, to just open up to your self and sing you heart.

You are warmly invited to join this gathering of tribe in the beautiful space of Elevate studio. To prepare for the ceremony it's recommended to not eat too heavy at least 4h prior and hydrate well all day long.
Please bring your water bottle.

Energy exchange sliding scale 50-60chf. If you'd like to participate and money is an issue, talk to us.

We look forward to welcome you in this space.
Much love

Rosy & Stéph

Elevate Studio
Wyssgasse 2, 8004 Zürich

Close to Selnau / Wiedikon train station

7 to 9pm