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2024  Art Calendar 


A calendar with illustrations by Rosy Jungbluth
To inspire us to connect with nature and creation every month.

“These drawings are the result of years in connection with nature to receive its messages.
May they find a place in your heart and accompany you throughout the year.
May this art be an inspiration to remind the need to honor our Mother Nature.”


Size: A4
Material: 250g paper
12 Illustrations made by hand and printed
Limited Edition

It includes Lunar phases
and the cycles of the year:  
  • Equinox Frühling
  • Sommer - Sonnenwende
  • Equinox Herbst
  • Winter Sonnenwende 

❊ Thank you for your support and connecting with my art ❊  Rosy

2024 Calendar

Payment in Euros:

By Paypal: rosyjs@gmail.com

25 Euros + 4 Euros shipping
Total:  29 €

Include your name, address and subject: Calendar 2024

Payment by Bank transfer, click here for more info

Or you can send me an email for more details:

About the artist

Rosy Jungbluth was born in Peru. She studied Visual Arts at The National University of Arts in Argentina and has a degree in graphic design. Rosy bases her work in studying and painting forest life. She has exhibited her paintings in many countries, is facilitator of Ceremonies, music circles and workshops. She is connected with the Andes and the Amazonas, from where her inspiration to music & arts originates from.

Copyright © by Rosy Jungbluth. All rights reserved 

No part of this artwork may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the artist.