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Dear family,
We are so happy to share on 26.5 in Zürich a Cacao ceremony and singing circle.

Lisa and I have traveled together between Guatemala and Peru, making music in Cacao ceremonies, on the lakes singing to the waters and in the Andean mountains.

It is very beautiful to open a space together, we have a long friendship that comes from the stars and it is a blessing to meet each other in this life ❤️

It is a great joy to share the music we have been weaving together, and share the Peruvian Cacao that my family cultivates.

This ceremony will be very special before Lisa's trip to Brazil, a nice opportunity to share in circle, in community.

❊ Cacao is the blood of the earth, the heartbeat of the earth, that connects us to our own body and feelings, it is a miracle to have this food with us, worked with love by so many hands.

❊ Theobroma Cacao means "food of the gods", so important that Cacao is recognized as food in these times, sacred food from the heart of the earth.

I bring Cacao from Peru, from my blood family, to Switzerland, my second home. It is an honor to make a bridge between continents, to be the bird that migrates carrying Cacao.

Come sing, vibrate and dance with us!

Reserve a place:

Friday 26.5
7 to 9pm

Doors open: 6:30pm

Please bring your own bottle of water and your favorite cushion.

We will share the Ceremony in a beautiful house in Küsnacht, a few steps from the lake of Zürich.

We will send you the address by mail ❤️


Rosy & Lisa

Suggestions for the ceremony:

  • Bring your own water bottle, during and after ceremony drink plenty of water.
  • We recommend not to drink alcohol or coffee before and after the ceremony.
  • Cacao is not recommended when taking antidepressants.